HamLog Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

QRPguys paddles with iPhone 5s + HamLog app

Short demo of QRPguys Paddles attached to my iPhone for quick logging with HamLog app Paddles from http://www.qrpguys.com/ ($15) Plastic iPhone holder is ...

HamLog Android Amateur Radio App and DxCluster and WWV

Version 4.93 on Android 4.4.4 The app is working fine - there was a brief problem with the website, now resolved. This video provided for reference only.

Ham Log Book for Android

Ham Log Book for Android v1.4 by Kevin Rea - K6REA, Lancaster, Calif.USA. A simple logbook program for android with the ability to lookup callsigns on ...

Pigtail Android HamLog Data Terminal

This video shows a demo of sending and receiving CW in HamLog on Android with a Pigtail connected to a K3. More information on Pigtail can be found at ...

Pigtail with KX3 on Android

This video shows the first release of Pigtail support in HamLog for Android. At this point it supports Elecraft (KX3, K3, K2) and Yaesu (817, 857, 897).

5 apps in 5 minutes: Quick review of ham Android smartphone apps

A quick review of five Android smartphone apps useful to radio amateurs. For DXers, experimenters and listeners.

How To Use Snapchat | Tips And Tricks | Hindi

In this video I'm going to show you how to use snapchat, for more details visit my website http://www.billi4you.com/ Download Snapchat ...

Pigtail Tracker - Real Time APRS Mapping on iOS

This video shows a demonstration of Pigtail Tracker, an addition to the iOS app HamLog available in the iOS App Store. Pigtail tracker receives and displays ...

$9 app review

Logbook App - Hour Logging and Invoicing

Learn how to log time and send invoices to a client. It's fast and Easy! Download Logbook for Android or iOS: http://logbook.net.br.

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